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Conferences & Seminars

Thinking of holding a Seminar or Conference why not hold your meeting with us in one of our fantastic suites, where we will cater for your every need.

Chevaliers’ & Piafs’ Function Suites


An established Club, designed with facilities to meet your every need for entertaining. Situated in the heart of Hornchurch Essex, at Harrow Lodge Park (just behind Hornchurch Sports Centre), with ample parking facilities for up to 100 cars, and exquisitely decorated to the finest standards, Havering Executive Suites are your ideal location.


As a Company we are always aware of the ever increasing financial burden of advertising and other methods of promoting business. Being mindful of these costs we feel the following executive packages offer excellent opportunities for you and your Company to entertain your clients, colleagues, guests and friends.


Our aim is to regard each occasion as an entirely individual event, and therefore your own personal requirements and catering requests are all carefully planned and personally tailored to compliment your needs and budget.


Staff morale is of course of prime importance in today’s business world, and whether it is for entertainment or training purposes, we are confident you will find the friendly atmosphere of the Havering Executive Suites the ideal venue.


We can comfortably seat as few as 30 or as many as 100 guests, with flexibility to allow specific seating arrangements as desired.




There are two packages for your selection according to your specific needs. These are detailed further in this brochure.    


            These luxury rooms can be furnished to suit your Company’s individual requirements.                                                             



There is a choice of meal type and service within the Suites, all of which may be adapted to suit your requirements. We are able to accommodate any type of function you require, listed below are some services that may be useful in the future :


Business     Parties     Weddings


Seminars     Company     Private Meetings


Christmas     Lectures     Retirement/Birthday


We should be happy to answer further questions, and to discuss any thoughts and ideas you might have, without obligation. Please telephone or fax Sheila Hopkins.


A guest list will be required prior to event.



Chevaliers’ Executive Function Suite


Room Size

48’ x 48’


Recommended maximum numbers for this suite :

Conference / Seminars ... 100


Piafs’ Executive Function Suite


 Room Size

40’ x 23’


Recommended maximum numbers for this suite :

Conference / Seminars ... 50


Each suite has its own fully stocked licensed bar available for private, company and group hire.


These luxury rooms can be furnished to suit your Company’s individual requirements.



Option 1

Room Hire Fee £250.00


Working Lunch (selection of 3 menus) See Right

Pot of Coffee (Approx 8 servings) £15.00

Cup of tea £1.50 per cup

Mineral Water (Per Bottle) £1.20

Orange (Per Jug) £5.00

Biscuits (Per Plate) £2.50


Option 2

Day Delegate Rate (minimum 40 people) £25.00 per head

Includes :

Morning Tea / Coffee & Biscuits

Mid Morning Tea / Coffee & Biscuits

Jugs of Water / Cordial


Working Lunch (Menu A)

Afternoon Tea / Coffee & Biscuits


 No charge for the following (applicable to Options 1 or 2):

Flip Chart


Overhead Projector


P.A. System

Wi-Fi Internet Access Available


Menu for under 25 people £11.50


Fresh Sandwiches

Fresh Fruit platter

Sausage Rolls

Vegetable Crudities

Cheese Board

Selection bite size cakes

Minimum of 10 people

Please note our downstairs room is available for both private seminars and meetings.

The management refuse the right to reserve entry to the Club.

The downstairs room is specifically designed to accommodate any disabled requirements.


There is no lift available for Chevaliers' or Piafs.



Working Lunch A  £11.50 per person


Freshly cut Sandwiches

On white & wholemeal bread

Goujons of chicken with salsa dip

Fingers of vegetarian quiche

Cocktail Sausage Rolls

Fresh vegetable Crudités with assorted dips

Cheese & Tomato Pizza slices (served hot)

Miniature vegetable Spring rolls

& Samosas served Hoi Sin Sauce

English Cheese & Crisp crackers




Working Lunch B  £16.00 per person


Assorted Open Bridge Rolls

Sliced Gammon Ham

Mixed Rice & Salad

Chicken Fillets served with a peanut dip

Coleslaw & Potato Salad

Fresh vegetable Crudités with assorted dips

Cheese & Pineapple

Crisps & Pickles




Working Lunch C  £22.00 per person


Fresh Roast Turkey Sliced & Dressed

Fresh Gammon Ham Sliced & Dressed

Peeled Prawns & crab sticks

Mixed green salad

Mixed rice salad

Italian pasta salad

Sliced Quiche – Vegetarian options

Fresh vegetable crudités with assorted dips

Cocktail Sausages / crisps & pickles

Hot new potatoes

Freshly Baked Bread Rolls with Butter




Selection of Fresh Cream Gateaux


Extended Menus can be arranged if required

Initial Fax Confirmation

Requirements Form

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